Make your own video games

Get ready to design and share your own video games with Gamestar Mechanic Adventures, the first app made just for kids and families from the award- winning Gamestar Mechanic franchise.

Created especially for kids ages 8-12, Gamestar Mechanic Adventures will let you experience the fun of making and sharing your own video games using just a tablet or phone and our powerful, customizable, drag-and-drop video game editor.

Powering the next generation of game designers

Published by E-Line Media, Gamestar Mechanic is dedicated to transforming kids from game players into game designers. Launched in 2010 in partnership with the Institute of Play and the MacArthur Foundation, the original Gamestar Mechanic is a browser-based game, creation tool and community where kids can learn to design games, make their own games and share them safely with other aspiring designers.

Gamestar Mechanic has been used in over 7,500 classrooms around the world to teach game making, critical thinking, design and systems thinking skills, usually at the elementary and middle school levels. Together, kids have made over a million games using Gamestar that have been played tens of millions of times.

In April 2015, E-Line launched Gamestar Mechanic Jr., an all-new game design experience for kids ages 6-8. Gamestar Mechanic Jr. is released in partnership with PBS KIDS as part of Kart Kingdom, PBS KIDS’ first virtual world.

Through efforts like the National STEM Video Game Challenge, the leading youth game design competition in the US, E-Line and Gamestar help to create opportunities for young people to be recognized and grow as game makers.

Award-winning learning and fun

Gamestar Mechanic not only lets kids have fun while making their own games, its research-proven approach helps kids learn to plan, execute on and optimize their designs, building key skills that act as entry points to programming, digital design, storytelling and other creative fields.

The Gamestar Mechanic franchise is also the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in children’s media.

Coming Spring 2016

The adventure begins this Spring in the App Store and Google Play!